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About us and our Manifesto to do Good
Anoox was formed back in 2004 by a group of Internet visionaries who have been involved with the Internet since its very beginning in 1996, who realized that too much of the incredible value that the Internet can generate was and is going to the Wall Street based Big Businesses and the Billionaire class, rather than to Small Businesses and People on Main Street. And that the only way to right this imbalance would be through a non-profit Social network & Search engine. A Social Search Network that would put People over Profits ("POP") and Share prices on Wall Street. Because Social Media and Search engine can inform and enable People to empower themselves while helping them to build a better World. Because Social Media and Search engine are the future of Media in many ways that traditional Media of TV, Radio and Print cannot possibly be.

Moreover we believe that positive change comes from people with purpose, people that are competent, connected also conscious. It is our culture of achieving together with our Global team of Volunteers that defines us and drives us to solve the toughest challenges facing us Today and beyond via the awesome power of Social network & Search engine. We are now well on the way to making Anoox a Global movement and the daily Hub for our Millions of members: from hosting the most open and authentic conversations on the internet from politics to food to money; to connecting World-Wide via our Instant Messenger and Video chat; to organizing their lives via My-2nd-Brain & More. Our ultimate vision is a platform that unites People who want to do good for themselves while doing good for others.

It is a privilege to share our story and manifesto with you. We hope that many other businesses will follow suit and like us put Social and Environmental causes above Profits and Share prices. We truly believe that the world would be a better place if more businesses were driven by meaningful causes rather than driven by maximizing profits and share prices. On that note, as great a manifesto as we have and as much of great things we have created and achieved, we have one equally great challenge, in that as the non-profit Social network and Search engine we have gotten Zero in funding from VCs or Wall Street, contrast this to Billions and Billions of Dollars that have gone and are going into Big Tech, so we need you to Get Involved as you can and Donate generously if you can. And if you are a Government organization or University endowment or other capable organization that actually wants to do Good and not just talk about doing so, to Sponsor us please, so that together we can continue and expand our great work in harnessing the awesome power of Social network and Search engine to do Good for the People and Social and Environmental causes.
Our Mission: to Empower and Connect 1-Billion People Together
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